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This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: Investing in Cloud Computing: Top 7 Stocks to Buy

Cloud computing has become remarkably popular among businesses. Small and large-scale enterprises have begun shifting to cloud computing for data storage, customer service, and computing power. Cloud stocks profited from the lockdown as this shift occurred.

Research by Gartner on cloud computing users has given readings that project a 23.1% growth in the cloud-based services industry and an even increasing 19.6% in 2022.

Here’s a list of the seven best cloud computing stocks you can invest in.

Amazon: (NASDAQ: AMZN)

Amazon has built a name…

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: OpenShift vs AKS

Building Kubernetes directly from its source code and setting it up requires a lot of operational effort, knowledge of the technology, and substantial infrastructure capacity. This is why teams who seek to adopt the complex technology choose to deploy it through Kubernetes distributions and managed platforms.

Metonymic to the distributions we have in Linux, Kubernetes distributions provide pre-packaged versions of Kubernetes that simplify its installation while managed Kubernetes simplifies its deployment and management.

Offered by various vendors, managed Kubernetes distributions usually come with advanced management and administrative tools…

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: K3s vs K3d

Working with Kubernetes in a local environment is not so easy. It requires several operational efforts to check code functionality, build and tag docker images and create and deploy configurations.

For developers and operation engineers, however, like to run Kubernetes locally allows them to test their Kubernetes applications and assess their performance before deploying to a production environment.

To achieve this, professionals rely on tools and distributions designed to deploy lightweight Kubernetes distributions on local machines. Two of such tools are k3s and k3d.

Professionals that are also…

Python Official Repository Found to Be Housing Credit-Card Stealing Malware

JFrog cybersecurity researchers, on July 29, 2021, have detected malicious packages existing in PyPI, Python’s official library. The packages were comprised of credit-card stealing malware.

  1. Eight different packages were listed as malware.
  2. The packages spawn of the devil were downloaded more than 30 times from PyPI.
  3. The malicious packages also impersonate users with the use of Discord codes.

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CRI-O Follows up on Latest Kubernetes Release

The CRI-O development team, on August 25, 2021, released the update of its container runtime interface, CRI-O version 1.22. This was an expected follow-up to the upgrade of its mother project, Kubernetes.

  1. In terms of security, enhancements are pretty minor in v1.22.
  2. V1.22 automatically generates backup certificates in any case of deficit.
  3. CRI-O can be executed even without certificates stored on a disk.
  4. Users can forget about metrics flooding.

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Introducing GitLab 14.2 to Enrich DevOps Proficiency

GitLabs, on August 22, 2021, released an upgrade of its flagship continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that elucidates the…

Series C Investment Round Boosts Grafana Labs’ Valuation

August 24, 2021, saw Grafana Labs raise $220 million in a fundraiser co-hosted by representatives from new investors, Sequoia Capital, and Coatue, and graced by reputable participants.

  1. The investment sees Grafana Labs’ valuation boost to $3bn.
  2. Former VMware and ServiceNow presidents get seats on the Grafana Labs board following the event.
  3. In high spirits, Grafana Labs would be making substantial modifications to the free-forever tier.
  4. Grafana Labs has doubled its personnel count over the last year.

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The Largest-Ever DDos Attack Stopped in Its Tracks

Cloudflare, on August 19, 2021, released a report that seized the…

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: Kubernetes and VSCode

The VSCode IDE relies majorly on plugins to extend its features and utilize its capabilities. The VSCode marketplace houses thousands of plugins and extensions developed by Microsft and other third parties to make your development using the VSCode IDE easier. The article highlights such plugins and extensions built to simplify your Kubernetes development on VSCode.


Developed by OpenShift, YAML is a VSCode plugin that provides full YAML support in VSCode via the yaml-language-server. It offers various features such as YAML validation, error detection, document outlining, auto-completion, and formatting…

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: What We Can Learn From the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

The Stackoverflow developer survey is an annual survey that gathers data and insights by asking developers across wide demography, geography, and professional positions questions concerning their preference in technologies, tools, and platforms in the software development field.

Let’s dig into the notable insights from the technology aspect of the survey.

For the ninth year in a row, JavaScript(64.96%) keeps its healthy margin as the most commonly used programming language, with Python (48.24%) coming third ahead of SQL (47.08%) when considering…

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: What is AIOps?

AI is taking over. Thanks to its ability to approach problem-solving with human-like experience — a feat that cannot be achieved using traditional software. This ability has led to the vast adoption of AI in many industries where software solutions are applicable-even in software development.

A typical example of AI usage in software development and delivery process is the relatively new kid in the block, AIOps.

AIOps meaning Artificial intelligence for Operation is a term coined by Gartner in 2016 to define the use of artificial intelligence and…

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