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Notorious Ransomware Gang Puts Victims on Edge

The Ragnar Locker ransomware group sends cold warnings to ransomware victims thinking to involve law enforcement authorities after rounds of operations demanding millions for system recovery.

  1. The group published this announcement on its darknet website a week after rumours of its dissolution.
  2. The threat also concerns victims consulting experts to…

I’m happy to announce the imminent launch of PyDo, our 7th weekly newsletter, after DevOpsLinks, Shipped, Kaptain, PyDo, GoPa and The Chief I/O. We’ll send the 1st issue of Xenilla on August 24th. Don’t miss it!

Each week, you’ll receive an email in which we curate the best Blockchain and…

Cloud: Zone Redundant Storage Released on General Availability

Microsoft announces its release of the Zone Redundant Storage option on the General availability after a preview release earlier this year.

  1. Microsoft releases the Zone redundant Storage (ZRS) into General Availability.
  2. Microsoft customers now have the option of choosing between the ZRS and the Locally Redundant Storage (LRS).
  3. Allocation of…

DevOps: Report on DevOps Practices by DORA

Google Cloud’s assessment team for DevOps, the DORA DevOps research and assessment teams, gives a full report on changes experienced and growth of different level teams in 2021.

  1. Elite DevOps teams had a noticeable increase in speed of delivering updates and products.
  2. Reliability Engineering is a better metric for measuring…

Rezilion Commits Series a Funding Income to Automate DevOps Security Tools

Rezilion Inc., on September 13, 2021, accrued $30 million in its Series A funding first round. The startup is committing the funds to the automation of DevOps security tools.

  1. Rezilion’s vision comes true for DevOps teams by automating manual security obstacles.
  2. Existing rezilion customers on the vulnerability validation technology have…

AWS Present Amazon FSx for NetApp OnTap

On September 3, 2021, Amazon Web Services announced the general availability of a new file system, Amazon FSx for NetApp OnTap, bringing OnTap to the cloud scene for the first time.

  1. This would benefit ONTAP’s existing users as they have access to cloud leverage for the first time.
  2. This would…

It has been years since popular claims about Software Engineering being the future. This claim has been realized, and although the “Software is eating the world” phrase might sound cliche, it is still 100% valid. SE is the present and the future. …

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: Investing in Cloud Computing: Top 7 Stocks to Buy

Cloud computing has become remarkably popular among businesses. Small and large-scale enterprises have begun shifting to cloud computing for data storage, customer service, and computing power. …

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: OpenShift vs AKS

Building Kubernetes directly from its source code and setting it up requires a lot of operational effort, knowledge of the technology, and substantial infrastructure capacity. …

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: K3s vs K3d

Working with Kubernetes in a local environment is not so easy. It requires several operational efforts to check code functionality, build and tag docker images and create and deploy configurations.

For developers and operation engineers, however, like to…

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