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Notorious Ransomware Gang Puts Victims on Edge

The Ragnar Locker ransomware group sends cold warnings to ransomware victims thinking to involve law enforcement authorities after rounds of operations demanding millions for system recovery.

  1. The group published this announcement on its darknet website a week after rumours of its dissolution.
  2. The threat also concerns victims consulting experts to…

I’m happy to announce the imminent launch of PyDo, our 7th weekly newsletter, after DevOpsLinks, Shipped, Kaptain, PyDo, GoPa and The Chief I/O. We’ll send the 1st issue of Xenilla on August 24th. Don’t miss it!

Each week, you’ll receive an email in which we curate the best Blockchain and…

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: The State of Developer Ecosystem 2021

Jetbrains’ fifth annual developer ecosystem survey gathers results from polling 31,743 developers across 183 countries or regions. The report shows trends in programming languages, frameworks, operating systems, and salaries among developers in 2021. …

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: Red Hat Ansible Platform 1 vs 2; What’s the Difference?

Automating IT processes helps accelerate the process of creating and deploying IT infrastructure. IT involves the creation of software applications or systems that monitor and manage all the processes that are…

This article was originally published on The Chief I/O: Highlights From the AWS Storage Day

Amazon has been hosting the AWS storage day annually for three years now, with the first one held in 2019 and the last one on the second day of September 2021. The event is held…

Cloud: Oracle Adds AI Services to OCI

Oracle announced the addition of its AI models to assist developers with complex tasks while building.

  1. Oracle releases AI services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  2. The services allow developers to add AI to applications without having expertise in data science.
  3. The Oracle AI also includes a host of other AI and…

Security: Google’s Work Safer Program Makes a Debut

Google announces the release of the Google Work Safer program, which comes with options targeted at improving security for smaller-scale businesses.

  1. Google announced the release of Google Work Safer and Google’s security action team.
  2. The program combines the services of Google workspaces and the Zero trust security technology.
  3. Data protection…

Domino Data Labs Raised $100 Million in the Latest Funding Round

Domino Data Labs announced a successful series F round led by Great Hill Partners. They also announced their increased collaboration with NVIDIA and their plans to provide infrastructure AI to aid data science technology.

  1. Domino Data Labs has raised $100 million in the just-concluded series F round.
  2. Great Hill Partners…

WhiteSource’s Analysis to Improve Relations Among Developers and Security Teams

WhiteSource provides a solution that allows developers to work more seamlessly with the security teams in ensuring that deployment rates are not affected while security is achieved.

  1. WhiteSource conflicts a survey focused on improving DevSecOps.
  2. The internal battle between deploying more products and focusing on security often push security to…

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